Photo and Video Gallery

It may seem strange, but we actually get excited to see the regular and innovative things people have done with our lifts! We created this Photo and Video Gallery to not only help you envision what your lift might look like, but to showcase what our customers have done. If you see a photo of a lift that would fit your needs, take note of the photo number and let us know when you contact us.

Below are photos from a few of our customers. Many of these photos are of a “work in progress”, before some safety features were installed. Be sure to install all of the safety features before you use your lift!

We would love to showcase your lift in our gallery! Please feel free to send us pictures of your lift once it is fully installed and we can post it here.

Note: To quickly find photos of lifts with particular features, highlight that feature in the list below and use CTRL-F or CMD-F to tell your browser to search for it!

Features For Searching: Garage, Inside, Outside, Tall, Short, Wall Mounted, Armless Base, Freestanding, Custom Painted, Front Gate, No Hoist Cover, Wheel Kit, SRL, Wireless, Safety Shield, Customized Platform, Walls

1) This lovely couple purchased our very first tall lift – for their parents.
Keywords: Tall, Armless Base, Front Gate, Outside, Wall Mounted


2) This was our very first lift, installed for this woman’s husband.
Keywords: Garage, Freestanding, Short

Screen Shot 2018-11-17 at 12.08.48 PM

3) His 60th wedding anniversary is this fall! This lift is for his beloved wife.
Keywords: Freestanding, Outside


4) Part way through the assembly/installation of our second lift.
Keywords: Garage, Freestanding, Short, No Hoist Cover

Screen Shot 2018-12-14 at 7.13.00 PM

5) This retired landscaper can once again reach his beautiful yard and patio.
Keywords: Outside, Tall, Wall Mounted, Armed Base, Walls

20190531_123659 (1)

6) We customized his platform, adding walls on the gates at his request.
Keywords: Outside, Tall, Wall Mounted, Armed Base, Walls


7) This is a photo of the deck’s safety railing on the deck of the photo above, and how the top of the hoist is secured.
Keywords: Outside, Tall, Wall Mounted, SRL


8) “This is exactly what I was looking for in a lift.” It was delivered fully assembled and operational in minutes.
Keywords: Garage, Freestanding, Short, No Hoist Cover, Safety Shield


9) Testing our very first tall, wall mounted lift.
Keywords: Outside, Tall, Wall Mounted, Armless Base, Front Gate, Safety Shield


10) We also offer custom paint colors for your lift, such as this Almond White lift heading to California.
Keywords: Freestanding, Outside, Short, Custom Painted, Wheel Kit, Safety Shield


11) Leona’s lift on Long Island.
Keywords: Freestanding, Outside, Tall


12) Freedom and independence. The ability to get to one’s garage, tools and yard.
Keywords: Garage, Freestanding, Short


13) This lift arrived before the landing was completed.
Keywords: Garage, Freestanding, Short, Wheel Kit, Safety Shield


14) This man’s wife can now get to her doctor appointments much easier.
Keywords: Garage, Freestanding, Short, Safety Shield.


15) This lift will give a mother access to her daughter’s home even though her motorized wheelchair weighs almost 400 lbs.
Keywords: Freestanding, Outside, Short, Custom Painted, Safety Shield

Low Deck

16) A regular, outside lift with a “toe curb” bottom railing all the way around.
Keywords: Freestanding, Outside, Short, Safety Shield

Screen Shot 2020-03-25 at 3.50.50 PM

17) A wall mounted, garage lift with a Bracket Cap and without a hoist cover. This lift has a front gate and a customized platform size.
Keywords: Garage, Inside, Short, Wall Mounted, Armless Base, Custom Painted, Front Gate, No Hoist Cover, Customized Platform


18) This tall lift is being installed so a son can participate more easily in family life. This is a wall mounted, tall lift with a stainless steel column and platform walls. This lift has a One Ton hoist and a customized platform size.
Keywords: Outside, Tall, Wall Mounted, Armless Base, Wireless, Customized Platform, Walls


19) A caring daughter procured this lift to improve her mother’s quality of life.
Keywords: Garage, Inside,  Short, Freestanding


20) This young man, who lives in Maine, bought this lift for his father.
Keywords: Inside, Short, Freestanding,

IMG_20200315_104216 (1)

21) Here we have a lift installed for their aging dogs that have a hard time going up the stairs.
Keywords: Outside, Tall, Hoist Cover, Wall Mounted, Wireless

22) Another lift helping someone navigate to an upper deck.
Keywords: Outside, Tall, Hoist Cover, Wall Mounted, Wireless

23) Want access to your basement without losing your stairway? Here is one idea. Note the gate at the top on the other side of the platform.
Keywords: Outside, Tall, SRL, Safety Shield.


24) Let us know if we can help you or someone you love.
Keywords: Outside, Tall, SRL, Safety Shield.

25) This lift is allowing it’s owners to age at home! At first, they bought the lift to help cope with a temporary need, but they decided to keep their lift to help them stay the comfort of their home longer. Would you or a loved one like to age in place, surrounded by familiar comfort and memories?
Keywords: outdoor, outside, tall, front porch

101) Great “before and after” photos.
Keywords: Freestanding, Outside

102) This photo gives more detail. Notice the plywood toe shear guard.
Keywords: Freestanding, Outside, Safety Shield


103) A tall, wall mounted lift in the final stages of installation, viewed from the second floor. Note the top bracing above the hoist cover.
Keywords: Inside, Tall, Wall Mounted, Armless Base, Front Gate, Safety Shield

Top Bracing

104) In a wheelchair even one step can be like a brick wall. This lift lets a father spend time in the family room with his middle school aged children instead of being cooped up in the bedroom, kitchen, and dining rooms.
Keywords: Freestanding, Inside, Short, Safety Shield, Customized Platform


105) This lift replaced a ramp that was no longer safe for the dad.
Keywords: Garage, Freestanding, Short, Safety Shield


106) This lift allows a man to tinker with his prized antique cars.
Keywords: Garage, Freestanding, Short, Safety Shield


107) A tall wall mounted lift going to the first floor from a cellar. Note the wireless controller hanging from the rail.
Keywords: Inside, Tall, Wall Mounted, Armless Base, Wireless, Safety Shield

IMG_0292 (1)

108) This customer added a seat, a solid floor, and warning tape to his tall wall mounted garage lift. He also added a cup holder (not shown).
Keywords: Garage, Tall, Armless Base, Safety Shield, Customized Platform

image (2)

109) The removable, temporary wheel kit lets you tilt the lift back and roll it around a flat surface for easier installation. It is heavy, but movable.
Keywords: Freestanding, Outside, Short, Wheel Kit


110) Another tall lift. How tall? You can see the hoist cover and green custom rain canopy at the top center of the photo.
Keywords: Outside, Tall, Wall Mounted, Armless Base, Safety Shield

Scott Dunnaway 2

111) This customer wanted a lift for occasional use, but did not want to lose the space in her garage. So we provided her with a wall mounted lift and she stores the platform up high when not in use.
Keywords: Garage, Short, Armless Base, Safety Shield


112) Another view of this wall mounted, space saving lift.
Keywords: Garage, Short, Armless Base


113) Yet another free standing lift being installed.
Keywords: Garage, Freestanding, Short, Safety Shield


114) Another free standing garage lift.
Keywords: Garage, Freestanding, Short


115) This lift was couriered from Virginia to Boston and delivered fully assembled.
Keywords: Garage, Freestanding, Short, SRL, Safety Shield


116) Our standard safety shield and name plate sticker.
Keywords: Safety Shield, Name Plate Sticker


117) A free standing lift with a front gate.
Keywords: Garage, Freestanding, Short, Front Gate, Safety Shield


118) This was lift #3 and it is still going strong today. There have been many improvements since then.
Keywords: Freestanding, Short, No Hoist Cover, Safety Shield


119) Ready for final positioning…
Keywords: Garage, Freestanding, Short


120) This customer wanted the lift to match her trim so it would not stand out. She succeeded!
Keywords: Freestanding, Outside, Tall, Custom Painted


121) We customized this lift to fit nicely between the water heater and landing. Note the offset front gate that opens onto the correct part of the landing.
Keywords: Garage, Freestanding, Short, Front Gate, Safety Shield


122) A “work in-progress” photo showing good floor bracing and the first floor cut-out.
Keywords: Inside, Tall, Wall Mounted, Armless Base, Safety Shield

Lift with Notched Floor

123) A good view of the “armless base” often used to support the column on a wall mounted lift.
Keywords: Outside, Tall, Wall Mounted, Armless Base


124) A good view of a front gate platform with ramp, mounted on the right side and hinged on the right side.
Keywords: Outside, Wall Mounted, Armless Base, Front Gate


125) The top of this lift’s column was several feet away from the nearest support, but beams and cabling secured it.
Keywords: Outside, Tall, Wall Mounted, Armless Base, Front Gate, Wireless


126) Some people ask for walls instead of just railings on two or four sides of their lift. We can do that!
Keywords:  Walls


127) Do you need a lift in a tall, open foyer? We can do that!
Keywords: Inside, Tall, Wall Mounted, Armless Base, SRL, Safety Shield


128) Another open foyer, another tall lift, not quite finished with installation.
Keywords: Inside, Tall, Wall Mounted, Armless Base, SRL, Wireless

Screen Shot 2019-08-13 at 7.49.07 PM

129) Here is a good example of a tall, custom painted Affordable Wheelchair Lift going between floors. This lift is in the final stages of installation.
Keywords: Outside, Tall, Wall Mounted, Armless Base, Custom Painted

130) This custom painted Royal Blue lift is on its way to Hawaii! You can see the other components drying on hangers in the background.
Keywords: Custom Painted


131) Want to lift heavy objects into a pickup truck? That’s easy!
This video shows how it is easy to use Affordable Wheelchair Lift’s portable model KCSPM3648 as a conventional vertical platform lift.
Keywords: Outside, Short, Freestanding, Wheel Kit, Safety Shield

132) This smart looking lift is at the home of a retired farmer in Kansas.
Keywords: Outside, Freestanding


133) The flexibility of our lift design makes difficult situations possible.
Keywords: Outside, Tall, Hoist Cover, Wall Mounted

134) This tall lift will help a woman get to her doctor and rehab appointments as she recovers from a vehicle accident
Keywords: Outside, Tall, Armless Base, Hoist Cover, Wireless, Safety Shield, Customized Platform, Walls


135) Here you can see the lift installed in a full elevator shaft. The photo was taken from the bottom station looking up the shaft through the bottom of the platform.
Keywords: Inside, Tall, Hoist Cover, Wall Mounted, Wireless


136) How about this amazing red lift headed out to Colorado
Keywords: Freestanding, Short, SRL, Safety Shield, Custom Painted


137) A garage installation, nice touch on chocking the wheels of the car.
Keywords: Garage, Short, SRL, Safety Shield, Ramp.


138) Another great installation in being able to be mobile.
Keywords: Outside, Short, SRL, Safety Shield, Ramp.

Sally 02 cropped

139) In some situations, even just a few steps can make the biggest difference.
Keywords: Inside, Short, SRL, Safety Shield, Ramp.

Short lift, inside

140) Sometimes the installation area needs to be changed. Here we see a platform being widened and stairs being moved.
Keywords: Inside, Short, SRL, Ramp.

141) Nice installation of a short, wireless lift, alongside customers deck. Notice customer has added a gate on their deck for safety.
Keywords: Outside, Short, SRL, Ramp, Wireless.

Flynn Lift 1

142) Here is a snazzy white lift to match the trim! This lift was also customized for a canopy frame across the top. Would your lift benefit from something like that?
Keywords: Outside, tall, white, custom painted, canopy frame

1221201443b_HDR (1)

143) Here is a wide lift platform to help accommodate this customer’s needs. Many of our customers customize their lift for a larger platform to accommodate large wheelchairs and equipment.
Keywords: wide platform, customized platform, outdoor


144) This customer is in a bit of a tight spot with that second story apartment, but we were still able to help him get the tall lift he needs. You will also notice that the customer opted for full height mesh walls.
Keywords: tall lift, second story apartment, small space, outside lift, mesh walls


145) Here is a lift with half height mesh walls. This lift was painted with flat finish instead of our standard gloss finish, which makes for a nice aesthetic look against the side of the house!
Keywords: flat black, tall, outdoor, porch, mesh walls

Miller E1065

146) Look at this cute, snazzy, almond painted lift! You might also notice the wheel at the bottom left of the base. We have optional wheel kits available for certain lifts the help them be more mobile. This lift is one our E series lifts.
Keywords: wheels, almond, custom paint, indoor, small

Hytha E959 2

147) Many of our customers put their lifts in the garage and renovate pre-existing stairs to accommodate the lift. Or in this case, build a new set of stairs. Here is a great example of how you could fit a lift in your garage! You will also notice that toe shear protection has been installed under the landing. Once there is a safety gate at the entrance to the landing, this lift is all set to go!
Keywords: garage lift, indoor lift, renovation

Smith E1086

148) This customer got the lift for her father. She and her father were so excited to get the lift, they named it the SS Freedom! Now the father has greater independence and his daughter has more peace of mind.
Keywords: Garage, indoor, Freedom, short, freestanding

E1202 Phillips

149) Here is another colored lift! Different hues of grey have been pretty popular recently. Doesn’t that grey make that lift look smart? This installation has also been creative with that door below the deck. You will notice that the door and the associated wall are a major source of toe shear protection. After this picture was take, a little bit more toe shear protection was installed at the top of the door frame.
Keywords: Outdoor, painted, grey, creative installation, tall

E1057 Meyer

150) This tall lift has some interesting aspects to it. You can see another way to brace a lift. The installer has attached some bracing beams at the top of the column and to the house. You can also see at the right of the base, that the concrete is not completely level, so they leveled the base with some bolts and a brick. This lift also has full height mesh walls. Would you like similar walls on your lift? The only item left is for the safety gate to be installed at the landing, and this lift is good to go!
Keywords: tall, outside, bracing, level, mesh walls

Byrne eVator               Fascia wall 02 Byrne E1098

151) Here is another garage installation! You might notice that the wooden landing that has recently been installed is covering her brick steps into her garage. Easier to install and easier to remove later than removing the original steps. Would that make installing your garage lift easier for you?
Keywords: garage, landing installation, short, indoors

152) Here is an installation where the owner has the lift coming up through the deck! You can see below the deck in the second picture, with the red safety lines painted on the floor. Would you want to do a similar small remodel to your deck? Just make sure you verify the footprint of the lift with your salesman so you know how much space you need for the hole in the deck. This lift also has full height mesh walls and painted the color Almond!
Keywords: tall, deck, porch, custom paint, almond, mesh walls, outside

153) Here is an indoor installation! Sometimes, just one step from one room to another can be a hindrance from enjoying all the space a house has to offer. This lift also has our full height solid walls!
Keywords: inside, indoor, walls, solid walls, short

154) Here is a unique lift! If you look closely, you will see that this lift has full height mesh walls behind the person pictured and to his left, but the other two sides are regular railings. If this mesh wall configuration would meet your needs, we can do it for your lift too!
Keywords: mesh walls, custom, short, outdoor, outside

155) Here are before and after pictures where an Affordable Wheelchair Lift replaced an older lift. The owner kept the toe shear protection wall in place from the previous lift, since it is still in good condition. This lift also has full height mesh walls!
Keywords: installation, outdoor, tall, mesh walls

156) Here is a tall outdoor lift in a beautiful tropical setting! You might notice that the column is a different color form the rest of the lift. That is because the custom wanted his column to be galvanized for his ocean environment. We can galvanize the whole lift, or in this lift’s case, just the column! Is that something you would want for your lift?
Keywords: outdoor, tall, galvanized column, outside

157) We can customize our lifts to fit in some pretty narrow spaces, such as this lift below! Now, this happy customer can tuck his kids into bed in their second story bedrooms with the ease of riding.
Keywords: indoor lift, customized, narrow, tall, wireless controls

158) Here is a unique customized lift we made for a customer and his unique application! This lift has an additional two wheels in front to make it a mobile lift. Of course, the lift should not be moving with a rider on board. Once the lift is in position on a flat solid surface, the yellow blocks should be put in place to keep the lift from moving and then the rider may enter the platform. What do you think of this unique lift?
Keywords: customized, mobile, wheels, movable

Higgins E1602

Higgins E1602 2

159) Here is another backyard installation! Those full height mesh walls look nice on this lift!
Keywords: outdoors, outside, tall, custom, mesh walls, back porch/deck


160) Another nice short porch installation! Nice, simple and gets you from the bottom to the landing and back again.
Keywords: short, outdoors, outside, porch


161) A simply elegant installation!
Keywords: tall, outdoors, outside, back porch/deck

123_1-1 (1)

162) Got too many steps? Would a lift like this be what you need? Or if you can’t have your tall lift right against the wall of your house, would the bracing in this photo be applicable to your situation? All this lift needs is a safety gate and some toe shear protection beneath the bottom of the deck and she is already to go!
Keywords: tall, outdoor, porch lift, back deck, mesh walls, bracing


163) Here is another porch installation! Affordable Wheelchair Lifts can be a life saver if your house is elevated off the ground, like this one, or even houses on tall stilts.
Keywords: outdoor, porch, tall, base bracket, armless base, toe shear protection

image0 (1)

164) Here is a delighted customer! Her lift, beginning on the floor below, goes up through the floor of the second story of her home, so she can go up or down with the ease of riding. You can see she put her own on the floor of the lift to make it feel more homey. The rug also makes it a comfortable spot for her dog, who approves of this lift. She also has some nice looking safety gates!
Keywords: indoors, inside, tall, safety gatesattachment (3)

  attachment (1)

165) Here is a lovely lift! This lift has been upgraded for wireless controls, has been painted Smoke Grey instead of our standard Black, and has right, left, and front gates. The customer creatively added the pool noodles around the upper safety railings. This lift just needs some toe shear protection beneath the porch, and this lift is good to go! No more arduous stairs for this customer!
Keywords: tall, outdoors, porch, base bracket, wireless, custom color, smoke grey, front gate

E1929 2

166) Here is a short lift installed in the garage so that his customer’s son-in-law can more easily visit him. This lift was sold with both the right and front gate, but we make our gates both removable and reversible. Don’t need a gate for your installation or want it to hinge on the opposite side so it opens up differently? We got you covered.
Keywords: garage, short, indoors, gates, armed base

Lokey E1336

167) Here is short grey lift installed next to the front porch. You will notice that the customer, instead of removing all the stairs, opted to remove the left half of the stairs. This is not an unusual installation for short porch or garage lifts.
Keywords: short, outdoors, porch, custom color, grey, base bracket


168) Here is a short lift installed in a garage. This lift has the full height solid walls upgrade! We can add solid or mesh walls for customer who would like more than the standard safety rails around the platform. This customer chose to have the standard black color for his lift, but if you would them colored, just ask a salesman!
Keywords: short, garage, solid walls

169) Here is one of our outdoor lifts with half height mesh walls! This customer is excited to bring back comfortable quality time on his front porch for all his family and friends, regardless of mobility challenges. This lift installation will be complete with some toe shear protection and a safety gate.
Keywords: outside, outdoors, porch, short, half height mesh walls, armed base


170) Here is a short indoor lift for a house where one of the levels is split by 3 steps. Now, the whole floor is safe for use for everyone!
Keywords: indoor, short, armed base


201) One of our Amazon advertisement photos.
Keywords: Freestanding, Short, SRL, Safety Shield


202) Another of our Amazon advertisement photos.
Keywords: Freestanding, Short, SRL, Safety Shield


Please send us your Affordable Wheelchair Lift photos so we can add them to our Photo and Video Gallery!