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Are you looking for an affordable indoor or outdoor wheelchair lift? So was I. And I found what I was looking for. Let me tell you how…

The Need…

In January of 2018 my mother-in-law, Jeanne, reached the point where the steps into and out of her home were just too hard to manage. Even with the help of a care-giver, they were a real problem for her getting to doctor appointments, visiting friends, and going to church. So I began looking for a solution…

The Alternatives…

I looked at wheelchair ramps, stair-chairs, and wheelchair lifts.

  • Ramps: For a ramp, the recommendation is that you have a foot of ramp for every inch of lift. Steps average eight inches high, so Jeanne would need 40 feet of ramp. There was simply not enough space for that much ramp. Plus a ramp would be ugly, plus they are slippery in the rain and snow. And a good ramp is not cheap!
  • Stair-Chairs: We had someone give us an estimate on a stair-chair. At $5,000 it was just too expensive. Plus, Jeanne would have to transition to another wheelchair or walker at the top and at the bottom of the steps.
  • Wheelchair Lifts: Wheelchair lifts looked like a good solution. They would fit nicely in her garage. But the new ones were far, far too expensive and the cheaper used ones I could find were often located several hours drive away and were often in questionable condition. The last thing I wanted to do was to buy something that would not work, with no warranty coverage.

The Solution…

After spending hours of effort trying to find a cost effective solution for my mother-in-law, I by chance came across this affordable indoor/outdoor wheelchair lift. I researched it, talked to the manufacturer, read reviews of it online, and finally bought it brand new with a warranty. It was delivered to Jeanne’s driveway and my teenage son and I installed it in about two hours.

It is working great for her. She is so pleased that she wrote a personal note of thanks to the manufacturer about how it had changed her life! The care-givers are also pleased. It makes their job a lot easier and safer!

This lift was not easy to find. So after I bought and installed it and I knew it was a good product, I spoke to the manufacturer and told them that they needed me to help others find out about their product. They agreed.

These wheelchair lifts are made with care and pride right here in the U.S.A.

Wheelchair Lift Information For Model KCSPM3648

Hytha E959 2

This indoor/outdoor wheelchair lift is a safe, simple, and reliable vertical platform lift like a mini home elevator. Often called a porch lift, this residential vertical platform lift is an affordable home accessibility solution to give walker, scooter, and wheelchair users an alternative to entryway, deck or interior steps. No need for long extended ramps. It is also great for bringing in groceries!

If you want to see one of our wheelchair lifts in person, contact us and we will check see if any are available for viewing in your area.


A picture is worth a thousand words and a video is worth even more. So here ya go:

Here is an outdoor installation:

Here is an indoor installation. It is a bit noisier because it is inside a small garage.

The wheelchair lift can arrive fully assembled. Unwrap it, position it, plug it in and you are ready to go! Here is a video of my teenage son helping to move the wheelchair lift into position using a dolly. We could have also used the optional temporary wheels.

If your wheelchair lift arrives disassembled, here is how you put it together. This particular wheelchair lift is freestanding and has a customized 60 inch right-to-left platform size. We also make lifts up to 20 feet tall and even higher. The full Assembly Manuals are online.


  • Makes it possible for someone to remain in their comfortable home environment.
  • Enriches social life.
  • Much easier and safer home ingress and egress.
  • Lower cost than alternatives.
  • Flexible configuration and portability retains high resale value.


  • From 3 inches to 20+ feet of lift – depending on the model and options you choose.
  • 500 lbs or more platform lifting capacity (this can be customized).
  • Indoor or outdoor.
  • Easy to install.
  • Uses standard household electrical power with a standard three prong plug. Battery power is optional.
  • Gates are removable and can easily be hinged from either side.
  • The handheld lift controls are attached by a tether, so either a rider or non-rider can operate it.
  • Adjustable automatic safety stop height makes it easy to use.
  • Fail-safe mechanism in case of hoist or cable failure.
  • Can be disassembled and installed in interior rooms.


This wheelchair lift, brand new under warranty and delivered to your home, costs $2,795 plus shipping. The total price varies depending on the options and features you choose. The taller the lift, or the more customizations, the more it costs. Give us a call at 757-992-8663 in order to get a detailed quote, including shipping, for your consideration.

Shipping costs vary depending on your location. See the Shipping section below.


More than 2200 lifts of this design are in use today.  Below are some reviews from customers:

  • “It was definitely better than any ramp, indoors or outdoors. So much easier and [Dad] likes it!”
  • “[The lift] has been a dream for both my parents and my disabled brother! It’s perfect for them at an amazing price for their elderly pockets.”
  • “We are all very pleased with it”
  • “The manufacturer was great to deal with and provides an economical means to get a handicapped lift. I’m happy.”
  • “Best item for handicap wheelchairs! Thank you!”
  • “Very satisfied! Affordable Wheelchair Lifts was able to rush a lift for me with 1 day turnaround. We picked up our custom height lift at the warehouse 24 hours after order was placed. Quality is good, and service was excellent. Highly recommend this unit over much higher cost products.”
  • “This is just what my Dad needed!”
  • “The lift has had a big impact on the quality of my life. Thank you!”
  • “My son can finally get out of the house.”
  • “I love the lift. It is everything I had expected.”
  • “Please let all of your folks know that I am quite happy with the lift.  I am a retired machinery engineer and am pleased with both the engineering and the fabrication of the lift.  I don’t need it (yet) but it has been a salvation to some of the folks who enjoy coming to my home to play music twice a week.  The trombone player in my Dixieland band fell out of his attic two weeks before Christmas and broke his back resulting in major spine reconstruction.  He’s out of his wheelchair already but using a walker.  Thanks to the lift he’s back to playing with us on Saturday mornings.”
  • “This is just what I was looking for. I am so glad I found it!”
  • “The lift has been great!  My mother-in-law loves it.  It’s stable and she can get in and out of the house now without any issue!  She is so happy.  We still haven’t finished the deck, but when we do I’ll send you pics of the completed deck with lift so you can post them.  Thanks again!  The lift is awesome!”
  • “Your [assembly] directions were great. Plus you had a video which made things very easy.”
  • “Outstanding!”
  • “With the mobility my new lift gives me, I no longer have an excuse when my wife asks me to take out the trash.”
  • “I bought my lift a little over a year ago and it’s serving me and my friends very well.”
  • “Now that my wife and I are both using walkers your lift has been the greatest lifesaver I could ever dream of.”
  • “Just wanted to let you know we have our lift installed. It fit like a glove, and now my husband is able to go in the truck again. The lift is such a great help to me. The steps were such a dangerous struggle for both of us.”
  • “Your lift is exactly what I needed, quality built, easily assembled and priced well below anything else out there. Thanks to you and your engineer for being so accessible and helpful throughout this challenging time for me.”
  • “The best thing since sliced bread.”
  • “This really made a difference in our quality of life.”
  • “Before this, it took 3 men to get my wife up and down the stairs.”
  • “Your lift has been a blessing for our family to be able to get outside and do more activities.”
  • “The office staff was so helpful in helping us order this and designing this. It worked out so good for us. [They] went way out of their way to help answer any questions I had.”
  • “The lift is all set up and in the house. Mrs. Carter used it today and went outside all by herself and her adult children were so tickled, they couldn’t believe she was outside, first time in months she’s done this on her own. Thank you so very much”, Conley and Paula
  • “The lift has been used daily since I installed it for my wife. I ride with her a majority of the time…  The lift is especially awesome every time we go food shopping. We can load all the groceries on it at once. I haven’t carried any groceries up to our apartment above my shop since last summer when I installed it!” Dan
  • “The lift we purchased for my daddy arrived yesterday and we tried it out with dad today! Its saves so much space in our new garage and works beautifully!! Thank you so much for this awesome lift!!…We have named her the SS freedom!” Nichaleen
  • “…I am very pleased with my purchase.  It is allowing me to be independent and not having to take risks on the steps.  Money well spent.  Thank you.” Cathy
  • “I have had [my Affordable Wheelchair Lift] for 6 months now and it has been a life changer for me and it is by far the BEST money I have ever spent. Thank you so much!!” Harry
  • “We are so pleased with our lift! My husband was able to roll himself on the lift and get inside the house without any assistance. This is going to make things so much easier. Thank you!” Ginny
  • “My church helps people with accessibility challenges. We build wheelchair ramps and help in other ways. Ramps require a lot of time and materials to install and are costly and not easily reused. Often times a person only needs a ramp for a short period of time, such as hip or knee surgery, etc. The lift is installed only for the time they need it and then we use it for someone else.  Last year we purchased two Affordable Wheelchair Lifts because we thought they’d be easier to install and be more reusable than ramps. They have worked out well and we are looking to purchase a third one so that we can help more people” Elwood
  • “When my husband and I needed an affordable wheelchair lift, the folks at Affordable Wheelchair Lifts (AWL) helped us find a good used one nearby in great condition. It made a world of difference for us. Now that we no longer need the lift, AWL is helping us find another good home for it. They have been very helpful.” Sherrye


The wheelchair lift arrives wrapped in plastic and bolted to a wooden pallet. You can  have it shipped either disassembled or pre-assembled, depending on what you want to pay for shipping. Any handyman should be able to install this lift.

Prepare the area for the lift. The lift’s footprint is 52″ by 42″. Be sure to allow enough flat space at the entrance and exit for the 36″ gates to swing open and for a wheelchair or walker to be safely used.

Your lift will arrive looking something like this if it is shipped disassembled:


Installation Steps if Shipped Pre-assembled:

  1. Remove the plastic wrapping and unbolt the lift from the shipping pallet.
  2. Attach the temporary wheels (optional) so you can wheel the lift into position. If you did not opt to get the wheels you can use a dolly.
  3. Tilt the lift back like a dolly and wheel it into position on a firm, flat surface such as asphalt, a concrete pad, or pavers.
  4. Remove the temporary wheels or dolly.
  5. Snip the cable ties that are securing the lift’s power and control cords.
  6. Plug the power cord into a standard outlet. If you are outside, make sure the outlet is waterproof and GFI rated.
  7. Optionally, you can bolt the lift down using bolts and other hardware. This will prevent the lift from moving over time. We advise you to wait on bolting it down until you are sure you will not need to adjust its position.
  8. Test the lift.
  9. Adjust the auto-stop so that the platform stops moving at the correct height for your particular landing.

For my teenage son and myself, installation took around two hours, most of which was spent preparing the site itself. No special tools were required. Your experience may vary depending on your situation.


When I ordered my lift it took 12 days from ordering to it being delivered to my mother-in-law’s driveway. Your delivery time may vary depending on several factors.

The lift arrives via a freight carrier. The shipping weight is around 475 lbs. The lift can come fully or partially assembled. When packaged for shipping on its pallet, it is 48″ x 60″ x up to 96″.

Shipping costs vary depending on the your location. If you live within driving distance of our manufacturing facility in Lynchburg, Virginia, you can save on your shipping costs by opting for Customer Pick Up. Ask about shipping to other countries. Shipping to a business location with a loading dock or forklift is usually cheaper than shipping to a residence.

You can transport the lift yourself using a pickup truck with a trailer, but you’ll need a couple of strong guys or some equipment to pick it up and put it in the truck bed. A utility trailer with a ramp works best.

Non Features

Why is this lift so much less expensive than alternatives? Well, most lifts are made for public, commercial use and so are required to have all kinds of bells and whistles that residential units are not required to have. Here are a few features that those lifts usually must have that this lift lacks:

  1. This lift does not include a battery backup. But since it runs off of household current any home generator can fulfill that purpose. (A battery powered hoist is available as an option. Inquire if you are interested)
  2. This lift does not have a key-switch that will keep the grandkids from playing on it. But it does allow you to secure the controller with a padlock, which accomplishes the same thing as a key-switch.
  3. This lift does not have a pan-switch. In order to make sure the lift platform is not coming down on top of Fluffy the cat, you will need to look down through the mesh floor and make sure Fluffy is not under you.
  4. The basic model of this lift does not have “Call Buttons” that will call the lift platform to your level. Instead it has an up and a down button on an easy to reach control box that is attached to the lift by a tether. (Wireless “Call Buttons” can be added as a customization)
  5. This lift does not have fancy gate safety interlocks. It does not have self-closing gates. You are responsible for locking your gate before pushing a button to go up or down. Interlock gates are available as an option.
  6. This lift does not have a weight sensor that will disable the motor if too much weight is on the platform. You’ll need to be sure the weight on the platform does not exceed your lift’s capacity.

Standard Configuration

The standard lift configuration of gates and controls is seen in the photo below with the platform in the lowered position. This is the configuration Jeanne got and it works perfectly for her:



  • In the lowered position, as you enter the platform the gate’s hinges, the controls and the lift’s main post are all on your left.
  • In the raised position, as you exit the platform the exit gate’s hinges are on your right.
  • You have an identical “Bridge” at both ends of the platform, so either end of the platform can serve as the lower entrance or lower exit if you just place the ramp there.

The controls and the lift’s main column must always be on the same side. We recommend placing the main column on the same side of the lift as a nearby wall.

The manufacturer will build your lift when they get your order. If you do not want the standard lift configuration described above, then let your salesman know prior to finalizing your order.


The manufacturer can customize these lifts in various ways. Do you want it taller? Just ask. Do you want one of the gates to be on the front side instead of on the end? Just ask. Do you need a longer power cord? Just ask. Do you need a larger platform, a smaller platform, or more lifting capacity? Just ask.

Below is a photo of a customized lift. The lower entrance gate is in the middle of the platform with hinges on the right instead of on the far side with hinging on the left. There is no lower entrance bridge. It was replaced by the grey ramp on the floor.



Depending on your situation you may or may not want a small 2.75″ high threshold ramp to go from your floor up to the floor of the lift’s platform. In many cases it is not needed or you may opt to supply your own. If you are laying pavers or pouring a concrete slab you can avoid the need for a ramp altogether by having the lift sit 2.75″ lower than the surrounding floor. Just be sure that water drainage will not be a problem if your lift is outdoors.

If you want to get one of our steel diamond plate ramps please let us know when you place your order. Our standard ramp measures 34″ by 16″ and weighs 27 lbs. It is skid resistant and very rugged. We can also customize this ramp to be longer or shorter.



If your lift is not a tall lift, then it is portable. While you are not going to toss your lift into the trunk of your car, if you have a dolly or the optional Wheel Kit you can roll it across a flat surface or down a hallway. And you can roll it onto a utility trailer and transport it somewhere. Just remember it weighs around 500 lbs. You should consider this a two-person job.

A dolly works nicely. Just place the dolly underneath the column and carefully lean the lift backwards, then roll it. But an even better way to move the lift is to get the Wheel Kit. Just attach the two 8″ wheels to the lift’s base and the entire lift turns into a dolly that you can lean back and move. And the attachment positions of the wheels from the Wheel Kit makes them easier to use than a dolly.

The Wheel Kit is optional. See them in the photo below. Specify the Wheel Kit when you place your order.


Custom Colors

Custom colors are available. Remember that some colors show dirt and scuff marks easily.

Screen Shot 2019-02-19 at 9.58.24 PM

The above colors have a Gloss finish unless otherwise indicated.

Gloss Black is the default color and is included in the base price. Gloss Almond, Gloss Aluminum, Flat Black, Gloss Sand, Gloss Smoke Grey, Gloss White and Flat White are available for a $225 upgrade fee. Other colors will require a special quote and depend on availability.

Miscellaneous Tips

  • The gates may clang as you shut them. If this bothers you, you can affix some black felt to the gate latch and pin hole. This reduces any rattle considerably.
  • Insure that the rider cannot poke out their foot and get it caught in the supports of the landing as the lift platform moves up or down. Do this by placing a piece of plywood vertically between the platform and the landing’s supports. The platform upper exit’s edge should remain around 1/2″ from this wood as it moves up or down.
    Screen Shot 2018-05-26 at 11.05.40 PM           
  • Above are the before and after photos for this safety precaution.
  • The lift’s platform is as stable as a hospital lift, but if any bounce at all bothers the rider, there is easy to add bracing that will solve the problem. This enhancement is not necessary for safety but is quite effective and inexpensive. If you want to learn more about bracing then contact us.

Sample Order Confirmation

You can call us and ask for a Sample Order Confirmation. This is an email that reflects your potential order and contains all of the important information about what you want, including your lift’s height, options and shipping costs. You can look over your Sample Order Confirmation, tweak it and then submit it as an actual order.

Here are two Sample Order Confirmations for you to look over to get some idea of the questions we will ask. The first is for a standard free-standing 32″ lift and the second is for a wall mounted 120″ lift. Note that the prices in these samples may not be current. Please call for current prices.

Order Confirmation for a Standard Lift

Order Confirmation for a Tall Lift

Before You Order

Do the following before you place your order and be ready to communicate this information.

  1. Measure the “rise” that you need the lift to provide. The standard lift rises 24″, but can easily be customized to be much higher.
  2. Measure the space available for the lift. All of our lift dimensions can be customized, but the standard lift footprint is 42″ deep and 52″ wide. The standard gates are 36″ long and will need space to swing open. The gate opening is 34″ wide. The lift is 91″ high.
  3. How large do you need your lift’s platform to be? The standard size is fine for most people, but if you have special needs or a front gate you might want the platform to be a different size. To answer this question you might choose a corner of a room and, using your platform dimensions, lay out painter’s tape on the floor. Place some chairs on the tape to act like walls or gates. Using your wheelchair or walker, see if the enclosed space is large enough for your needs. If not, simply tell us how large to make your platform so that it works best for you.
  4. Decide how long the long power cord will need to be for your situation. Remember that it must reach from the hoist motor at the top of the column to your nearest usable power outlet.
  5. Decide if the standard lift configuration (described here) is what you want. If not, be ready to tell them what you do want.
  6. Decide if you want the optional ramp and the optional Wheel Kit.

Think carefully through where the lift will sit, what it will take to get the lift to that location, and what must be done to prepare that area, including the landing area. Remember – even though the lift is 91″ tall, if it is pre-assembled you can tilt it back like a dolly when moving it through garage doors. If it is not pre-assembled you can carry it to any location piece by piece.


  • Lifting Height: From 5 inches up to 20+ feet, depending on what you buy.
  • Rated Load: 500 lbs, but can be customized to 750 lbs and higher.
  • Drive: 1,500 lbs cable hoist, 1/2 hp motor. Optional upgrade to 2000 lbs cable hoist.
  • Power Supply: 115 VAC – 15 amp grounded circuit. DC hoists are available as an option.
  • Platform: 36″ by 46″ steel platform (size can be customized), 32″ high hand railing, removable and reversible gates on each end. With the gates closed the interior dimensions of the standard platform are 34″ x 46″.
  • Footprint: 42″ by 52″. A lift configured for a 48″ rise is 100″ high when not being moved.
  • Speed: 12 feet per minute. This varies slightly depending on your choice of hoist motor and weight capacity.
  • Controls: Hand held control with up and down buttons. Attached by a tether so either a rider or non-rider can operate it. Wireless controllers are also a popular option.
  • Safety Features: Auto break on cable drum. Adjustable auto stop switch at top. Auto stop switch at bottom.
  • Station stop switch adjustable for the height of your landing.
  • Warranty: One year on all parts (except paint scratches), three months for labor.
  • Power cord length: 3 feet. If your power outlet is not close you will need an extension cord.
  • Weight: Unit weighs around 500 lbs. The precise weight depends on its height.
  • Motor Noise Level: 75 decibels at zero feet at full load (which for this motor is 1,500 lbs).  (See here: Comparative noise examples)

The Manufacturer

These lifts are manufactured by Affordable Wheelchair Lifts at 147 Mill Ridge Road, Suite 112,  Lynchburg, Virginia 24502. Corporate information is available on request.

Please use the Contact Us page or call or text Affordable Wheelchair Lifts at 757-992-8663 to get your questions answered.

Cancellation Policy

We have sold hundreds of lifts and we have never had anyone return a lift because it was defective or the customer was disappointed with it. But we have had cancellations for other reasons. The most common reason is, sadly, a significant deterioration in the health of the intended user to the point where the lift is no longer needed.

When you place your order, we immediately process your payment and schedule your unit for production. We allocate materials. We then cut the metal, weld the components, paint, assemble, test, and adjust. Finally, we prepare it for shipping.

If you cancel after placing your order the standard cancellation fee is 20%.

If we have already started building your lift, there may be an additional fee, depending on how customized your lift is (platform dimensions, paint color, station height, etc.) and how far along in the building process we are. The more customized your lift and the further along we are, the less will be refundable. This is because we have incurred the material and labor costs building your customizations and those customizations often cannot be sold to other current customers.

Once the lift has been scheduled for pickup by the freight carrier you will be responsible for any shipping related costs that have been incurred up to that point and any shipping related costs of getting the lift back to our facility. Your lift is shipped FOB Lynchburg.

Selling a Used Lift

If you find you no longer need your Affordable Wheelchair Lift, we can help you sell it.

There are several factors that will determine someone’s interest in purchasing your lift:

  1. Location
  2. Condition
  3. Their urgency in getting a lift
  4. Your urgency in selling the lift
  5. Features
  6. “Ship-ability”
  7. Price

We can quickly list your used lift on our various social media pages and get it in front of many eager buyers. You set the price and if you meet someone through us  then you pay us a finder’s fee. Used lifts generally sell quickly. Demand outstrips supply.

Buying a Used Lift

If you want to purchase a used Affordable Wheelchair Lift then please call us at 757-992-8663. Let us know what you are looking for and where you live. We’ll search our database and let you know what lifts are for sale where. We’ll notify you when a used lift comes on the market that might meet your criteria. And we will provide you a quote for a new lift so that you have a price point for comparison. All this is at no cost or obligation.


You and you alone are responsible for ensuring that a lift is adequate to the task, safely installed, safe for operation by the operators present, and in full compliance with all relevant laws.

The design of this lift is constantly being tweaked and improved. The lift you receive may be slightly different than the ones in the photos and videos above.

Next Steps

Decisions about wheelchair lifts are rarely made by just one person. Use the “Share” buttons at the bottom of this page to tell others involved in this decision about this website.

Then please use the Contact Us page or call or text Affordable Wheelchair Lifts at 757-992-8663 to reach Affordable Wheelchair Lifts.

Facebook, Instagram, and Pinterest!

For many more photos and videos, as well as updates on what used lifts are on the market, please visit our Facebook page here:

If you aren’t on Facebook, find us on Instagram! Want to add us to your design or idea boards? You can find us on Pinterest too!

Tall Lifts!

More and more people are becoming interested in our tall lifts. Here is a special section devoted to our tall lifts, but feel free to look at our Photo Gallery for more pictures of tall lifts!

Here is our first tall lift, which is 10′ tall. It was too tall to test in our facility so we had to test it outside (the picture below does not depict the final installation location. See the second picture for the lift’s permanent home). Note that this lift’s base has no arms. It also has a front gate and both side gates. This lift will allow aging parents with mobility challenges to stay close and involved with family. The customers are excited to bring it home for their parents!

Tall Lift

Here is a photo of this same lift, from the second story when the installation was nearly complete:


Here are a few newer tall lifts and their applications. You will probably notice that most, if not all, of these tall lifts don’t have a tethered controller. Due to the height, we highly recommend the wireless controller upgrade. This way, you can bring the platform to you, kind of like a call button, and you don’t have to worry about a long tether getting tangled when the platform reaches the top landing.

Here is a common application for a tall lift! Do you have a beach house or lake house on stilts? Do those stairs get longer every time you go up? Maybe something like this is what you need!

Here is another deck installation! Tall lifts are great for back decks, especially with a view like that!

For more pictures, take a look at our Photo Gallery!


We now offer walls for your lift’s platform as an option.

Below is a photo of our first platform to ship with walls. This customer chose the standard black color, but other colors are available.

We look forward to getting photos of this lift after it is installed and operational!


Dressing Up Your Lift

Some customers have done a great job in personalizing their lift. Below is an example from a customer in Texas who added several personalized features like a seat, a solid floor and caution tape. The post in the right side of the first two photos is not related to the lift. Note that in their application they did not need a threshold ramp.

Screen Shot 2019-06-09 at 8.06.17 PM
Screen Shot 2019-06-09 at 8.07.01 PM
Screen Shot 2019-06-09 at 8.05.51 PM